Ecuador STRONG Poster (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) Fundraiser

Update: this fundraiser has ended. Thank you so much for those who supported this cause. If you want to help please do it through Operation Blessing and Unicef

UPDATE on Thursday at midnight:
I found out on Facebook a friend of mine has a big part of her family living in one of the most affected areas of the coast. With what I sold on Wednesday I was able to help her to buy food, toilet paper, diapers and other stuff for her family members. She was collecting a bunch of stuff from other people as well and was able to travel with a truck full of blessings from many people. Thanks for being part of that!

UPDATE on Tuesday at midnight:
Since we learned the red cross is in serious needs of wipes, diapers, baby food and milk. We were able to donate 60 kits wth 10 diapers, wipes, baby food and milk. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of your contribution. If you haven’t contributed, please consider to do so. If you did. May God multiply your blessings! Im so hurt but everything that is happening in my country but finding so much comfort for the opportunity to help. Thank you

UPDATE on Monday at midnight:
People in Ecuador need water, mattresses, babies and toddlers in the red cross that has lot their parents need diapers and wipes, so I decided to send everything that was sold as of right now to get water and diapers,  I can’t wait until Friday to send your contributions. Every night I will send what I sell on that day. I know with your help we will be able to reach my goal. Thank you so much!
On April 16, I lived the most terrifying moment of my life. I received a text from a friend telling me an earthquake had hit my beautiful country. The first thing I did was to try to get a hold of my very own family. I live in the states with my husband and son, so parents, siblings, cousins, everybody on my side of the family lives in the coast of Ecuador. I’m so blessed that my family is doing okay just still scared with the event and the uncertainty.  However, not everybody was that lucky, as of today  270 people died, more than 2000 are injured and there are still missing ones. See news here

One of the cities that has been severely damaged is Babahoyo, the place my parents and I are from. This community has giving me so much and now I want to do something for them. So here we are, I have created this Poster called “Ecuador Strong”, a poster inspired in the precolumbian art and the cities affected by this horrible earthquake. You can use this poster to decorate your office space or your room, but I know you probably don’t even need this print. But, please consider supporting these families, every little contribution can make a huge difference in their lives right now.


My goal is to raise $500 dollars by the end of this week to help families that lost their homes and everything they had in a blink of an eye! They are each $10 and you can buy as many as you want, it will be delivered to you as an instant download to print, cut and frame at home! Size is  8×10 so print at home will be easy.  Purchase yours and support families in Ecuador

Pictures are terrifying, as soon as I received a picture of a bridge close to my house has collapsed I bursted into tears and realized what has happened! Ecuador, is a seismic country, we have active volcanoes, but we have never been hit by an earthquake like this time.

Every penny will be used to buy blankets, food and bottles of water and donate them to school “Colegio Ecomundo de Babahoyo” who is in charge of a huge fundraiser for this area of the country.

I will keep posting pictures here to show how they money is being used. Below are pictures of Ecuador right now. Thanks in advance for the much needed support.

– Pamela










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