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If you don’t know my husband is a front-end web developer. We have thought many times (by the advise of many ) to create a website that showcases we can do design and development to complement our personal websites.  However our full time jobs haven’t allowed us the time to put this website together yet. Follow this link to visit Tony’s website Today, I was cleaning up my computer and found this “cute” illustration I worked on almost 2 years ago. I did this illustration of my husband and I for marketing materials and played with the style this website can showcase, our strengths …


Three product development lessons from successful instagrammers


No doubt Instagram has become a powerful mobile sales platform for designers and entrepreneurs around the world. They use Instagram to share their creativity with more than 400 million users. As of today, Instagram has implemented a lot of new features to make it even easier for these artists to get the word out and sell their products, however that alone doesn’t guarantee their success. From boutique creative to large corporation product launches, every product needs to meet an acceptance criteria to succeed.   And this not only limited to aesthetics but also usability and psychological aspects. Other thing to remember …


The day I redesigned Skype (part 2)


Like with any design, I decided to take a new spin on the previous mock up and take it a step further. I thought the recent activity page could serve a better purpose if it shows events like a timeline of activities from top to bottom not only a simple list of occurrences. by dates and give the users to check video voicemails from that same screen. I also thought it would be good to make the login page more appealing and modern. I mentioned on my other post that wanted to introduce Skype’s rainbows in this screen but actually decided to …

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